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Personal - Local Connection

Cultural awareness and sensitivity is important in finding a therapist. Being born and raised in Hawaii, I find that I am able to relate in a way that helps other locals feel at home and free to express, process and build insight.

Sensitive - Trauma Informed

We are currently experiencing many stressors in our community that can leave us feeling drained, frustrated and overwhelmed.  The recent lava eruption is just one example of an event that has caused so much pain, loss and uncertainty.  Unfortunately, many of us have experienced and are currently experiencing great difficulty in life. 

It is my goal to be mindful of how these trauma events play a role in your personal experience, and to create a safe space for you in therapy.  Healing is a process that takes time.  I hope you will feel safe here to present your concerns, process your experiences and find hope, relief and healing. 

AKUA - Identity and Relationship

AKUA is personal to me in many ways. My middle name is Akua, and was given to me at birth with the belief that God (Akua) would help my mother to raise me, keep me safe, and give me purpose in life.  I believe an important part of personal healing and growth is to know your roots, to know where you come from and to find your identity.  In therapy you can explore these things in a way that helps you overcome problems and achieve your goals.

There are varying meanings to the Hawaiian word AKUA.  The Christian community often uses the word AKUA to represent the creator God, God the father.  I personally believe in God, believe in the Bible as the written word of God, and see myself as having a relationship with God through acceptance of Jesus Christ according to biblical christian beliefs.  If you are a Christian and would like to include prayer, biblical insight or other faith-based resources, please indicate this either in our initial session or anytime throughout treatment. 

Logo - Balanced Approach

There are many great insights from multiple disciplines and approaches in psychology, counseling and family therapy.  I have found it most helpful for me to use some of these insights to develop a balanced approach when providing mental health services. The approaches I draw from include but are not limited to Systemic Family Therapy Models, CBT, Attachment Theory and Emotion Coaching.

When you look at the Logo of Akua Family Therapy, you will see an isometric triangle that represents more than just a cool graphic. The triangle represents the triune relationship and interaction between our Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors.  I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) insights to help us understand and process how Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors influence each other and why it is important to take a closer look at feelings when interpreting and reacting to behavioral problems.

Aloha, I’m Aaron Collins

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

My specialty is Family Therapy and Couples Counseling.

Clients have the option of including Biblical Christian Counseling and Spiritual Support as part of their individualized treatment plan.

Therapy Services

I work with families, couples, adults and children. We will work together to bring relief to whatever life stressors you are facing. Please call for a free consultation to see if I am a fit to help you achieve the goals and successes that you are looking for.


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I’ve known Aaron for two decades and what impresses me about him is his compassion for others and his drive to help them be their best in life. He has a gift of connecting with people, due to his candor and genuineness. His positive, problem-solving mindset is a powerful aid that helps him achieve results.

Eric Mukai


Aaron is well informed of the impact trauma can have on a person’s overall functioning and perception.  I recommend Aaron as a family and children’s therapist to those in need of a therapist that is culturally competent, non-judgmental, empathetic and creative. 

Akoni Kanaele


I have personally requested his professional therapy services for people I know as Aaron has an excellent rapport with others. When I refer people to him, I have full confidence that he will provide evidenced-based, clinically appropriate care at the highest level. Aaron has a very humble and non-judgmental approach with people, allowing them to feel comfortable in opening up and dealing with the true challenges they face.

Aaron Mukai


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