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What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on the patterns of interactions and relationships within the family, and explores how these patterns are getting in the way of happy and successful living.

Goals are set to restructure, strengthen and heal relationships, improve communications and boundaries and work toward healthy emotional development and peace in the home.


How much does it cost?

It starts with a free 15 minute phone call or email.

I am credentialed with HMSA PPO and HMSA Quest Insurance. 

My private pay fee is $150 per session.  

Ask about the sliding scale for a possible discount.


How long does it take to get results?

If you, your spouse and your family are agents for change then you will see results fairly quickly.  If you and your family members are in conflict about what the problem is, or are resistant to working together, then results could take more time.  

Results also vary based on the severity of the problems and how long the problems have been going on.  

At AKUA Family Therapy, I believe that there are several factors that help therapy to be most effective toward resolving problems and accomplishing the results you are looking for.

1. The therapeutic bond between therapist and client(s).  It is very important to find a therapist with whom you feel safe to explore, process and disclose intimate details of your life.  This therapist is someone you can trust to validate your concerns, be emotionally attuned to your experience, give empathy and supportively walk with you through the healing and change process. 

2. The establishment of safe space between family members to share and validate feelings, without fear of judgement or criticism from other family members.  This may take time to establish as there may be past hurts, wounds, anxiety, fears, and other barriers getting in the way of this safe space. 

3. Your results may be determined by your willingness to invest time and resources to fix the problem. Sometimes healing takes time. Many problems develop over time. The problem might start as a small habit or compromise, and you may not even know there’s a problem until the problem effects or hurts someone else.  If you are able to genuinely focus on being honest, making changes, putting in the work, investing in your future, you will likely see better results.

4. A willingness to forgive.  Bitterness and unforgiveness rob you of hope and healing.  Working through these feelings and achieving forgiveness can open up new doors and possibilities for a brighter future, freedom and good health.

Many clients of AKUA family therapy find results during the first session, and start feeling a sense of hope for a better future very early in the treatment process.  Some clients choose to continue therapy for many months, while others feel they are satisfied after a few sessions.  


Where is Akua Family Therapy?

Our office is located at Kurtistown Assembly of God Church

17-550 Volcano Rd, Kurtistown, HI 96760. 


Who needs to come to the session?

It is recommended that you bring your spouse/partner and kids to the first session if you are having problems with your children such as behavioral acting out, tantrums, poor social skills, withdrawal/isolation, hyperactivity, problems in school, bed wetting, opposition, conflict, fighting, lying/stealing, or other problems. 

It is important for me to gather as much information as possible from multiple family members in the first few sessions for me to be able to best understand your problem, your goals and what needs to happen to achieve healing and change.

Later sessions may be focused on strengthening specific relationships in the family. For example, husband/wife, parent/child, siblings, etc. 

Come as a couple if you and your spouse are experiencing problems related to poor communication, conflict, infertility, infidelity, negative vibes, anger, nagging, withdrawal, problems with sex/affection, secrets, addiction, finances, separation, reconciliation, and other relationship issues. 

For non-relational issues and christian counseling you may come individually or with your spouse/partner. 


Why is Family Therapy preferred over individual Psychotherapy?

At AKUA Family Therapy, I value relationships.  As a family therapist I specifically value the information that is shared when family members interact and communicate.  Your family interactions and communication patterns speak loudly about what is contributing to the strengths and challenges of your family, and individuals within.  By observing your family in each session, I can better understand and help to point out areas that may be getting in the way of healthier living.  It is common for symptoms to arrive in children or spouses when there is a change in the family lifecycle. This means that change often causes stress, and stress often causes problematic symptoms.  Traditional psychotherapy has value in some cases, but is often limited when there are problems that can better be addressed systemically in the context of family relationships. 

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