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Family Therapy

Many people don’t think about how much flexibility and adaptability is required for a family to survive. Families Therapy can be supportive in helping you process the constant life cycle changes including young adults leaving home, new relationships, getting married, moving in together, having children, children growing up, taking care of elderly parents, sickness, deaths in the family, foster children, blended families, and many more situations.  Family Therapy involves a new way of thinking about individual problems.  Problems often arise in the family as a way of alerting the family that they need to flex and adapt to changes around them.


Couples Counseling

Relationships are not easy. If they were, we wouldn’t have so many broken families and hurt individuals. It can be difficult to keep the flame of love burning bright when there are so many distractions and stressors that life throws our way. Couples work often focuses on improving and strengthening each person’s ability to connect, communicate, and validate their partner’s feelings in a way that makes them feel loved and understood.  When there are problems with the kids, couples therapy is often beneficial to strengthen the parent’s ability to work together on parenting the children, and managing the home.  Let’s not forget, therapy can also help to reignite the love and passion for one another as well!

Kids & Teens

Behavior Support

Childhood can be such a confusing time for everyone, parents and children alike. Parenting can often become overwhelming, especially when there are problems that are difficult to understand.  Children’s behaviors are often misunderstood, leaving kids feeling confused and angry.  Therapy with Kids & Teens often involves working from a trauma informed and attachment based approach, working to establish a safe environment for emotional expression and development.  It is client-centered and strengths based and can include parent psycho-education and support, art and play, social skill development and other activity based interventions.


Emotional Support

Adults have many reasons to seek individual support.  Together we will work on an individualized treatment plan that helps you find relief from your particular area of concern. Such areas include but are not limited to anger management, anxiety, depression, men’s issues, adjustment to change, self-esteem/confidence. 

Therapy Process

Step 1


This happens in the initial stages of therapy, from the first phone consult and session, through to the point where we feel that I am a good match for helping you with your situation.  It is important to feel a good connection and vibe when entering into the therapeutic relationship.  I will carefully take the time to connect with each person who comes to the session.

Step 2


This is a time for me to gather information about you and your family, and may include but not limited to gathering family history, content about the problem, observing family interactions, you filling out written surveys/assessments and family mapping/genograms.

Step 3

Goal Setting & Insight

Goal setting involves you, the client, letting me know what you hope to get out of coming to therapy.  If you are unsure of your goals, we will work together to set goals that help you to feel better, help your relationships to be more successful, help your family to improve positive interactions, and much more.  Even on a weekly basis you may have smaller, more specific goals for the session and that is perfectly ok. Together we will work to help you process, build insight and work toward positive change.

Step 4

Change, Healing and Transition

Positive change is what makes us feel better.  Individually, when we change the way we think, it influences how we feel and helps us to function more effectively.  In relationships and families, when we become more sensitive to the feelings of the other person(s), we are better able to relate in a way that feels better for everyone involved.  Healing is a processes.  When there are deep seeded wounds from past hurts, it often takes time to process and heal these areas.  As we change and heal, we are more able to freely transition to new areas of growth and positive living.  This is the ultimate goal, for you to feel empowered in a way where you are able to better manage and function in your daily living.

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